American Blackout Episode 2

This documentary is extremely biased against Republicans and Caucasians. Cynthia McKinney is nothing more than a race-made idealogue, conspiratorial, politician, that exposes the far-left ideology. His retirement from Congress was the result of the democratic system is functioning properly, however it was not the result of poor operation of the democratic system. Georgia allows open primaries. Cynthia McKinney lost in consequence this because it has no primary received a majority. Why should Republicans or Caucasians usually embarrassed to pursue their own political interests, even if that involves definitely comes into conflict with the interests of the African-American community? Claim that do not have the right to pursue their own interests is hypocritical, because it can be inferred that no matter their individual and collective opinions on political issues, have no right to be included in our political process, and that Cauncasians does not deserve equal representation of the way demanded by minorities. In addition, conspiracy theorist of Cynthia McKinney showed that is patently false! Cynthia McKinney has also blocked the Bush Administration's efforts to reform the financial system of the u.s. before melting down 2008 credit. He said that eliminating the loans under the equality of opportunity and Fair Housing Act would harm disproportionately minority owners. As a result, he played a critical role in the recession that continues to affect this nation. So if you're accepting a lower pay, fewer benefits, or otherwise unable to find a job you can lay blame at the feet of multiple sclerosis. McKinney. Therefore, this individual has personally helped sew american blackout episode 2 a vicious lie in the fabric of our society and has contributed to the economic recession in modern history, in part because it depends on pimping and prostitution of the African American vote, based on unjustified accusations of racism. -It's not our fault that African Americans have a historically low voter results. -It's not our fault that cannot properly fill a ballet. -It's not our fault that the African-American community has a criminal conviction rate statistically greater and therefore has a greater amount of dissproportionately of potential electors who cannot vote. In addition, it should be completely clear about this documentary seems to perform Ms. McKinney dredges of society. Ask yourself, none of these people seem to be educated? Someone sees the hypocrisy in their actions? When minorities are choosing intentionally someone solely based on his race, is not racist. However, when Caucasians are presumably involved in the behavior itself, surprise, they are classified as racist. This is nothing more than the politics of the group. Cannot be blamed Republicans and Caucasians to pursue their own interests, this is what really animates the democratic process. If still your annoying because you could say that it is hard choice then overcome it. Poor. ! .